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Is the Zoho Suite of apps better than Google?

Do you use Google for all of your cloud computing? Are you a little nervous about that?
Many people don’t know about the alternatives. Zoho is a great alternative to Google Apps. There are even services offered by Zoho that Google doesn’t offer.
Below I’ll briefly go over the major point that may make you want to switch.


Just like you have with Google, you can create and share presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. Both can import and export Word docs.

Google has a combined document application, while Writer is more like Open Office or Microsoft Office where everything is a separate program.


The calendars on both Google Calendar and  Calendar look very similar. They operate about the same and and have many of the same options.
Where Google loses here is the Planner application. If you use a paper planner, this will possibly make you go digital. You can add in your to-do list and appointments so you can view them all in one place.


Gmail is awesome. While Zoho offers an email option with an email address, Gmail still has a leg up on the very simple Zoho email app. The reason that Gmail is so powerful is the add-ons. Some I have mentioned before are: Labels, filters, canned responses, undo send and countless others.

Where Zoho wins

I think if you are just starting out, Zoho may win you over with their other applications. These apps are not offered directly by Google. Zoho has a invoicing,database, crm, remote support, several collaboration apps and a bookkeeping application.

Some of the applications are limited, but you can still get a feel for them with the free limited trial. I have used the invoicing app recently and it worked fantastic.

If you use a mobile device with web access, you can access the mobile fersion of many of these applications from your browser. They will not sync to your phone though.

Where Google wins

If you already have a Google account set up, it may be inconvenient to move all of your information and documents to any new service. Another big plus for may people is how well Google apps integrate with mobile devices. Personally, the mobile integration is why I moved to an Android.

Having your contacts, calendar, documents and many other apps sync with your device is a big benefit to many people.


If you are just starting out with your small business venture and want an all-in-one suite, I would seriously look into Zoho. The costs you will incur for the services are pretty similar to other services out there you may buy.

What do you think of Zoho’s suite of applications?

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