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Using the Right Words

Whether you are writing content for your site, a newsletter, an ad or copywriting, using the right words is essential. One mistake people make when they are writing, is they use words that show off their vocabulary. The problem with that is, people are not searching for terms like “The most prolific player in baseball”. I just tried to Google it and got two results.

Now try “the best player in baseball”; I got 139,000 results. See what a difference the wording makes?

Below are a few tools to help you find the words people are using to find information.

Do this different

When you are writing, pretend like you are talking to your crazy aunt who never leaves the house and only talks to her cats. If you use an industry term, give a short explanation. Many times in this explanation will be terms people will be searching for.

Finding the right words

You are using social media right? How do you talk to people on your Facebook page or Twitter? Do you use

Search for keywords using Google’s External Keyword Search Tool. This is not the only free tool out there, others include–

Google Search Based Keyword tool

Word Tracker

Good Keywords

SEObook tools

How do you find the right keywords for your marketing or blog posts?

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