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Are you using mobile friendly links?

Mobile linkDo you take into consideration the rising number of internet enabled devices when you market your business?

No? Well you may want to read on then.

If you haven’t bought a smart phone yet, odds are pretty good your choices of dumb phones will be pretty slim next time you get a new phone.

If you have embraced mobile technology and own an internet enabled phone, you know how useful it can be to have a bar code scanner app. People have learned to expect things right away. Whether this is good or bad, that is how it is. When you talk about something in your marketing, shouldn’t you cater to this compulsion?

Creating a mobile bar code or QR code is pretty simple and can tip the scale in your favor with your more tech savvy clients. One simple way is to use a bookmarklet. If you haven’t used a bookmarklet before, here is an article I wrote over on Make Tech Easier. It talks about 25 bookmarklets to save you time along with a brief rundown of what a bookmarklet is.

QR Code

Here is one option for you to create a QR code like the one I used for the picture in the beginning of this post. Copy this bit of code by dragging the following link into your bookmark bar.

QR Code Bookmarklet

Now, any time you want to make a mobile friendly QR code, all you need to is go to your product page and click on the bookmarklet. you will see a popup window like this with a link to your page embedded in the funky looking bar code.


What happens on their phone?

When they use a bar code scanning program on their phone, they will see something like this:

android qr code

Why use a QR code?

If you use a QR code in your ad, brochure, flyer, t-shirt, business card or any other place that can be scanned, you are giving the interested person a “quick fix”. You can offer an instant coupon, information, or anything else you can link to.

Ideally you would want to create a special page on your website or blog for the people coming from your strategically placed QR code. This is where you can feed their curiosity with digital rewards. Ask them for referrals or to become an affiliate for your brand. Anything to make your message as viral as possible.

In the end, you are catering to the impulse and curiosity of your mobile internet enabled fans. Ads can be hard to get people to click on, however a QR code can be anything. Vary what you link to or it will get old and people will stop paying attention to your funny looking black and white boxes.

How do you cater to your tech savvy mobile clients?

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