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Collaborate Easily Using Shared Folders

image credit Johan Larsson via Flickr

One of the hardest parts of working with remote workers is collaborating on the same project. Many times something will get deleted or work is based on the wrong revision of a document. How can you avoid some of the typical mishaps?

Dropbox (and many other cloud storage spaces) offer a public folder. Most of these cloud storage spaces also have a restore option for any accidental deletions.

You think of these folders to be like a virtual network drive. Everyone has access to the same information. As long as it is saved back to the shared folder, everything works smoothly.

To create a specific folder to share, you can log in to your Dropbox account. In the top row of tabs you will see a tab labeled Share. Click on it.

Once in the Sharing section, you click on share Share a Folder. This will open up a new window asking what folder you would like to share. You have the choice of either creating a new folder or a sharing a current folder.

Once you have either named or selected the folder you want to share, you will need to select a recipient or two. Enter their email addresses into the field. Below there is a spot for an optional message.

Once the folder is shared, everyone will have access to the information. Everyone on the list will be able to add, edit of delete the files. If you have a mishap, there is an option to see and restore deleted files.

If you join Dropbox  via  my affiliate link. It will give both of us an extra 250mb of storage.

How do you collaborate with remote work groups?

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