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Use every moment

Not everyone use every moment they can to get work done while on the road. At this moment I’m literally on the road stuck in traffic. With Android in-hand, I’m using the voice input to write this post.

This is the perfect time to write a post, makes calls, return emails.  Depending on if you’re driving or not, you may need to pay more attentions. But like I said I’m at a dead stop in traffic outside of the Chicago suburbs.

I have been paying extra attention lately about how people use their time when away from their desk. What I have seen is, once people are not in front of their computer or are not being monitored, they tend to slack off a lot. I think people either don’t know how to really take advantage of their mobile devices, or they really don’t care to use them to their potential.

Anyone who knows me can attest to how much I am on my phone. Whether I am in an elevator or standing in line waiting at the bank, I am always doing something. Many times I am skimming over the headlines in my RSS reader or replying to a quick email in my pending folder. Anything I can squeeze into that normally wasted time means less I have to do later while I am at my desk.


What can you do while sitting in your car in traffic?

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