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How to Talk to People

Talking to people on social media is just like talking to people face-to-face. To get the most out of the conversation, you need to listen first. Using a Twitter client like Tweetdeck gives you great ways to listen and keep track of conversations.

Another part of any good talk is sharing useful information you learned with others. I don’t mean gossip. I mean, If you are talking to someone and you learn there is a super great sale on shoes, you will tell a friend. The same applies to social media.

There is a ratio some people use to determine how useful you are using sites like Facebook or Twitter:

  • 60% other people’s projects and information.
  • 30% news and other tidbits.
  • 10% promoting your own agenda.

This isn’t set in stone. It is there to illustrate a point. Share what other people are doing and you will be seen as a helpful person. Once you are on their radar, many people will return the favor. You can share in a few ways.

Retweet or Like their updates

This will pass on information to your friends and followers, thus extending the number of people the message reaches.

Read their posts and start talking to them about their work

Another way is to read their updates, website and/or blog posts and comment on them. With the social nature of the web, simply starting a conversation with someone can really start the rock rolling down the hill. Once someone sees you are engaged in something, they will follow, then the next and the next, building momentum.
In the end, all you need to do is just talk like you would to your neighbor, your wife or people at work.

Jump in there and start meeting people.
What advice do you have for people struggling with social media engagement?

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