Traveling Freelancers: Tips To Help Balance Work And Travel [Guest Post]

traveling-freelancerHow would you like to be your own boss, make your own hours, and travel around the nation or globe? The idea sounds exciting to a number of practitioners, those who freelance. An acquired skill of traveling freelancers is to balance work and travel. When the balance is found, these freelancers enjoy a number of benefits.

However, challenges do arise making some wish they knew better before embarking on respective journeys. What are traveling freelancers better off knowing about before taking their next trip?


You’re going to Colorado. The weather report calls for sunny skies and eighty-degree day temperatures. You pack your shorts and sandals, apropos clothing for such conditions.

However, what the weather report did not mention is the drastic drop in temperature once the sun falls behind the mountains. Now, shorts and sandals are not so comfortable, necessitating the buying of extra apparel.

Ensure you bring a range of clothing, especially when traveling to new places. A weather report may deliver immediate temperatures, but not account for fluctuations and idiosyncrasies. Always bring a range of clothing options to ensure comfort. A good balance of casual and attire and any clothing needed for meeting potential clients is needed. If you are working from the local coffee shop, you can bring what is comfotable.

Power Supply

Freelancers often leverage laptops and other means of communication and an internet connection. But traveling freelancers are not the only people leveraging such devices; large numbers of people now use laptops, smart phones, and mobile devices at airports, coffee shops, hotels and beyond.

What happens when your device is out of power and there are no power outlets to be had? Ensure you bring extra batteries for your devices. All of those methods of communication won’t help you unless charged and ready for usage. Always make sure you have a backup power supply source and plan. Sometimes working offline can balance out the need to have you laptop plugged in more often. Using apps to get better battery life on your Android will help you charge less too.

Physical Copy

It’s very convenient to leave all needed information on one’s electronic device. You forgot your flight number? No problem, you have it noted in your smart phone. You are not sure how to get to that hotel for a business meeting? You have the itinerary on your laptop. Wait, you can’t open that file or can’t get to a power source right now! What are you going to do? You would benefit from carrying a physical printout of needed information.

Carry a folder with printouts of crucial information. Don’t assume you’ll always be able to get to digitally-kept information; inconveniences happen.

Supplementary Kit

Seasoned travelers are wiser for the time, understanding the nuisance of packing and unpacking for each journey. Some maintain a supplementary bag with toiletries, bathing suits, sandals, etc. That way, there are no surprises related to forgetting or not being ready for pleasant surprises (such as heated, indoor pools at hotels).

Consider assembling a supplementary traveling kit with a toothbrush, q-tips, bathing suit, Tylenol, and other necessities that are easy to forget. This process saves time, and saves one from anxieties related to travel.


Traveling is not exhaustive in itself (unless you’re biking to each destination). However, it does take a toll on the body, especially if traveling through time zones. Ensure you dedicate time for relaxation.

The body cannot always do what the mind wants, especially if the mind has not designated time for the body to recuperate. Freelancers often accept time-sensitive jobs; it’s important to take care of one’s body to guarantee the mind can deliver one’s best work.

Regardless of you work from home, a coffee shop or are one of the many traveling freelancers, there is always time to relax a little and recharge your body’s batteries. Make sure to have a good balance of work to relaxation or your body will get angry with you.

Snacks and Water

Can you predetermine periods of inconvenience? That would be convenient. You can’t, but you can prepare for them. Bring along a small bag of snacks and water with you when traveling. You never know when you’ll be stuck in traffic, on a plane, in a cab, or amid a long, boring industry convention. Wherever your freelance opportunities take you, ensure you have the means to stay nourished and replenished.

Periods of hunger can affect one’s mood and ability to make good decisions. You never know when it won’t be convenient to get a simple snack. Make the necessary preparations now.

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Gwen Stewart is a business development professional and writer for on behalf of Her line of work requires she have backup storage solutions as well as a solid strategy for meeting tight deadlines. Any spare time she can scrape together finds her hiking, reading and enjoying the company of great friends.

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