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Traveling Freelancers Must-have Mobile Apps

If you are a traveling freelancer, you have different needs than a desk jockey. Contacts, expenses and mobile computing are all handled much differently. Mobile apps are making waves with travelers.

Do more with less is the credo of any freelancer. Using multiple devices to perform similar tasks will get really old really quick when you travel. Using a Blackberry or Android to do most of these tasks are becoming the norm.

Below are a 7 applications to help traveling freelancers do more with less.


If you want to feel like James Bond, this is a great app for that. It is also good to help you not have to lug a bunch of papers back from your business trip. What Scan2pdfmobile does is lets you scan a document with your Android phone camera.


You may have a talk manager already, but does yours allow voice input? Taskos is an Android task manager that works by allowing you to either type or speak your tasks and notes.


Gmote is a slick little Android app for controlling your computer. It will let you search and play files on your computer, right from your Android device.


For those of you who are in sales, Gwabbit is great. In a nutshell, Gwabbit will save the lots of time by capturing a senders contact from an email signature.  This saves tons of typing on your Blackberry. There is also a version for Outlook.

Beat the traffic

If you travel to larger cities, Beat the Traffic will help you get to where you want to be instead of stuck in traffic. Available for Blackberry and iPhone, this traffic tracker works in 40 large cities in the US and is always expanding its reach.


Xobni is a super cool application for Blackberry and an Outlook plugin. It helps you maintain relationships with your contacts. You are able to use their social info to connect with them outside of your inbox.


This is a really sweet app for frequent travelers. Taximagic ia a free taxi hailing service. You can use the app, mobile web or SMS a cab. Once you’ve got it on the way to you, you can track where it is and even pay for it with your credit card.

What are your must have road warrior applications?

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