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Top 10 Techs for the Digital Nomad

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Technology surrounds in every part of our daily lives, and with the “mobilization” of computers through smartphones and tablets, it only surrounds us even more. The most astonishing thing, however, is how difficult it can be to use technology on the go. Too many things seem to be designed without the mobile life in mind. As an attempt to help, here is a top 10 list of things that might help you get your work done on the go.

1. Tablets & Smartphones

In case you just came walking out of the forest after 10 years away from civilization, go ahead and make an investment in both. If you can’t afford a computer, tablet and smartphone, sell your computer. Once you make the transition to mobile, you’ll never go back.


2. Rechargeable USB Batteries

Everyone needs batteries for something – probably several things. Rechargeable batteries are pretty nice, but now you can take it a step further, charging your AA batteries in a USB port.


3. Bluetooth Speakers

Life on the road shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy your music or watch a movie with some respectable sound, and after awhile, earbuds just don’t do it anymore. Jambox speakers from Jawbone free you to amplify, without a lot of added weight or tangles of wires.


4. Retractable Earphones

While not exactly cutting edge technology, tangles of earphones in your pocket can get pretty old. Several brands offer earphones with a spring-loaded spindle to roll up your wires quickly. Or you can just buy a simple spindle and wind your earphones yourself.


5. Portable Projectors


If you’re a business traveler, it’s probably worth it to buy a travel projector for presentations. Some are small enough to fit in your pocket but with impressive brightness. Look for one with a wireless connection, though the battery operated projectors are still pretty limited in power.


6. Mobile Printers

As nice as it would be to go completely paperless, we all need printers from time to time. Luckily, there are a few portable options that can give you reasonable quality without taking up all of your bag space. Look for a model that can be battery operated. Just be sure to check on a website like to see what replacement cartridges will cost.


7. Battery Booster

Eventually, your devices will run out of juice, and you might not be near a power outlet. You can find keychain type accessories like the Technocel or the ZaGGsparq for some serious power support.


8. 3D Printing

While this industry isn’t exactly mobile, just yet, it’s still really cool! 3D printing lets you create a physical object the same way you would print a document. In the future, you should be able to walk into a local shop and create whatever you have in mind. That could include creating something you really need, but forgot to bring with you. 3D printers can already print car parts, jewelry, and even guitars. Not to mention, they come in a wide variety of types – so there’s a good chance that this exciting technology really could become mobile.


9. Cellphone Repeaters

Nothing is quite as frustrating as trying to make a call in a low signal area. Cellphone repeaters grab the signal and amplify it so that you can actually make a call. The best choice, obviously, is a wireless model (one that doesn’t require a wired connection to your phone).


10. Vocre

If you’re ready to take your work internationally, you might want to load up on some language helps. Vocre is a free app that you just talk to. Voice recognition grabs what you want to say and then plays it in the language you’re trying to communicate in. It’s your own personal translator – just be sure to blame the app if it gets you in trouble.

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