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Evernote Tips for Freelancers [Freelance Friday]

Evernote is an amazing tool. There is no set way for you to use it, so a little imagination is needed. Evernote tips from others can help you find a way to let Evernote fill a spot in your freelance utility belt. If you are unfamiliar with Evernote, it can be best explained as an information catch-all. You can store anything from pictures to audio notes, web clippings to text notes. Below are some tips to help you use it in a way you may not have thought of.

Mobile access

Having access from your phone is extremely useful. There are versions for Blackberry, Android, iPhone and others. Each version may be slightly different, but the general functionality is there. Here is a video from the Evernote Blog about the updated Android app. It will give you a good idea of how easy it is to use.

What to store on Evernote

The magic behind storing information in Evernote is the accessibility. If you are on a computer or smart phone, you have access to your notes. There are Evernote browser extensionsyou can add to portable FireFox.

Travel information

If you travel, you can store all of your trip information.

  • Hotel address and number
  • Confirmation numbers
  • Flight information
  • Which airports have restaurants you like
  • Alternative hotels in the area
  • Rental car agencies in the area

Office supplies

Because you can sort things by notebook (folders) you can have lots and lots of information. One thing I store is information about my office supplies. How many times have you been on your way back from an appointment or something and drove past Staples knowing you needed stuff, but didn’t know what. Here are some things to consider storing:

  • What printer ink cartridges you use
  • Specialty paper
  • refill for your notepad


If you are going to meet a new client, there are probably questions you need to know the answers to.

  • Standard new client interview questions
  • Specific project questions


Once you land the new client, you can set up a new notebook for them. From that point on, any new information can go into that notebook with tags.

  • Tag with the person you talked to
  • Each client has a notebook
  • Each project has a tag and or notebook
  • Meeting notes


A great way to keep track of important tweets is to follow @myEN. Once you follow them and they follow you back, you can DM information to your Evernote account. This is really easy to use if you are a Twitter user. You can also use it from any phone, not just a smart phone. If you want to remember something, quickly send a SMS to Twitter. It is just like updating your status. Your SMS would look something like this: d myen meeting with dave about web site logo Here is what it looks like on Evernote:


If you are not a texter, you can always email your notesĀ  to . This is a good choice for a quick reminder or a tidbit of info you want to remember. If you are working, you are likely to have your email open. This will save you from switching to your phone or another device to send a note to Evernote.

Other apps

Evernote works with many different third party apps. Some of these applications are showcased in the Trunk. The applications here will extend the possible uses. For example, one add-on allows you to send sketches from your iPad to Evernote. The most challenging part of using Evernote is getting in the habit of using it. What information do you store in your Evernote Notebooks?

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