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The best free Android todo list manager app I’ve tried

Posted in Android, Featured, Mobile Applications | 4 comments

task-n-todo-logo There are a lot of to-do list manager apps out there. Some sync with a desktop app, while others sync with an online service. Tasks and Todos is a great Android application that links with your Google Tasks.

What I like about Tasks n Todos is how well-rounded it is. With many of the free Android to-do list app available, they do one thing well but lack in other areas. You might have an app that is full of features but hard to use. Others are really easy to use but don’t offer squat for features.

The Summary page lets you quickly see how many tasks you have not completed in each of your to-do lists. There is also a sync button and “+” that lets you quickly add a new task.



Modifying a task is super easy. Tap on the task while in list view and up pops a menu with a bunch of options. You would be surprised at how many free Android to-do apps do not offer a reminder option. A reminder is an important feature for those busy days when you don’t think to look at your list.


It may seem like choosing a to-do list app for your Android would be simple. Sure you can make do with whatever you choose to use. In my experiences, and I’m sure yours too, the easier something is to use, the more likely you are to use it. I have tried about a dozen different free to-do list applications for Android including mobile web access to Google Tasks. Out of all of the free task applications, Tasks n Todos is the best all-around choice.

The other application I loved when I was a Blackberry user and when I started with Android is Remember the Milk. It is an amazing to-do list management application. I stopped using it because I wanted to have information in fewer places. While there was access in Gmail, I gave up the awesomeness for convergence.

Give it a try and tell everyone what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. 6-4-2012

    Love how easy to use this app is!!! I downloaded at least 5 before this one and I didn’t like any of the others. I loooove this one :)

    • 6-19-2012

      Simple makes you want to use it a lot more, doesn’t it?!

      Thank you for the comment.

  2. 12-6-2012

    ya , but will be nice if you put top 10 free (absolutely free) task manager ..

    • 12-6-2012

      You can get the free version here Tasks N Todos – To Do List

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