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Reply Above the Quoted Email Text in Thunderbird

If you use Mozilla Thunderbird for your desktop email program, you know the default settings can leave a bit to be desired. One of them I really hate is having to manually scroll to the top of the email thread to paste in my signature and start typing. This can be solved in a few […]


Automate Your Action(s) to Do More [Automation]

No one likes to resize pictures individually.  Having a way to batch process tasks like this will help you keep your focus where it needs to be. Automating them will also help you save time on repetitive tasks. Until now, there hasn’t been too many free universal options for automating anything. Browser extensions are available, […]


4 Add-ons to use Evernote from your Browser

Are you an Evernote user? I was until I upgraded to the Blackberry 8530. There isn’t an app for that. :( Until I get a different phone or they make an application compatible with my current device, I’ve had to find other ways to add notes to Evernote. If you are in a similar situation, […]


Do you use free or paid apps?

Do you pay for something if it helps you save time or money? The reason I ask is, I have been buying more mobile applications and services recently.  None of the subscriptions are extremely expensive and most of the applications are the price of a latte. Since I deal with a lot of smart phones, […]


How to Promote Your Business in 10 Minutes a Day

How much extra time do you have? Probably very little you deem to be available or free. There is always something needing your attention. How can an already thinly stretched sole proprietor find time for one more activity in their day? The obvious answer is to make time somewhere in your schedule. The reality to […]