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Productivity Through Android Home Screen Launchers

Android phones are super customizable. so than those silly iPhones people use. ;-)  You can change everything from the icons on the home screen to the homescreen itself. When you change the homescreen, you’re changing the home screen launcher. 3rd party launchers give you even more flexibility to make your Android phone a productivity […]


How I organized my digital life in a day

Recently, I was noticing how many different programs I use to do similar tasks. I got to thinking how much time and brainpower I was wasting by jumping from app to app looking for or remembering what application was for what task or project. Here is what I did…


Make Your Gmail Inbox A Productivity Machine

If you have read a few posts on this site, you know I loves me some Google. I use it for my sites, the soccer club I administer and am switching soon to an Android OS phone soon. The reason I am an avid user of Google products is because they make things I need […]


Time Management Fundamentals

Time management is a fickle bitch. What works for one person isn’t what works for the next. You have seen a ridiculous amounts of applications, methods, programs and tactics to help you use your time more wisely. Allotting our time in a productive way is a problem we all struggle with. It seems as though […]


Scheduling a Meeting Made Easier

For anyone who has scheduled any kind of meeting with more than one person knows how much of a headache it can be. The problem only compounds when more people are involved. Part of the problem, is not everyone—even within the same company—uses the same digital calendar program. Or for that matter, some still use […]