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Sunday Reading October 10, 2010

Each Sunday as a part of  weekend blog post routine, I  include a few links to tools or great content I found during the week. I won’t write a lengthy description about the links, but I encourage you give them a read The photo isn’t related to what I am linking to, it is something […]


SEO Guide from Google

Many people don’t know the first thing about search engine optimization. SEO is kinda like the tax laws. It is constantly changing and those who know how the system works, reap the benefits. A while ago, Google put together a beginner’s guide to SEO. It offers a breakdown of what can and cannot be done […]


Google Instant Shortcuts [Google Tip]

Whenever you use the computer regularly, you tend to fall onto habits. As an example, many people I know use the mouse to move from one text input area to the next instead of using tab. For almost everything on the computer and most web apps, there are shortcuts to help you complete tasks more […]


How I organized my digital life in a day

Recently, I was noticing how many different programs I use to do similar tasks. I got to thinking how much time and brainpower I was wasting by jumping from app to app looking for or remembering what application was for what task or project. Here is what I did…


Syncing Google Calendar To Your Blackberry

For many, their calendar rules their life. If an event isn’t on their schedule, it didn’t really happen. One of the handiest parts of having both a Blackberry and a Google account, is being able to automatically sync them. The 2-way sync is wireless and automatic. After the initial set-up, there isn’t much you need […]


3 Everyday Uses For Gmail Canned Responses

Most people these days have a shortage of time. If you are a micro business owner, you may be spending a lot of time in your email inbox. Odds are pretty good you are answering questions about your products or service over and over and over. This is a huge time suck. A while ago, […]


Are You Using Search Engines to Their Full Potential?

All major search engines have ways to narrow the results of your search just by the way you type things in. Knowing a few of these methods can save you quite a bit of time and clicks. Whether it be the wording or using some geekiness, knowing how to find things on the web is […]