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Super Awesome Sale

For those of you who did not receive the newsletter I sent out this morning, here is a reprint of the section about the sale.   Okay, here’s the deal. There is a site called Only72.comthat offers a bundle deal on ebooks and courses and paid forums. I bought this package last year and was […]


Reading Digital Books

Many people, myself included are reading many books in digital form. To do this, you need a reader device of some sort. Many have a Kindle, but more devices are available. Google, being the smart cookies they are, are now in the eBook business. They recently began Google eBookstore. It is a direct competitor to […]


Blackberry Playbook Head-to-Head with iPad

Are you thinking about getting a tablet to replace your laptop while you travel? It seems like many people are. The Blackberry Playbook is an up coming tablet from Blackberry. If you are a Blackberry user already, you know how great their devices are. They have proven themselves over the years as the standard for […]