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Are newsletters for socializing?

The answer to that is, kinda. What I mean is, what expectations do you give people when they sign up? Will it be 100% on topic for your site or will it be additional information not offered on the site? Depending on your community, there can be different newsletters for different things. Having more than one […]


10 Places to Find Things to Tweet

If you are new to social media, you will quickly see how some people seem to be a limitless fountain in information. They seem to have the latest news on topics in their industry right away. Where do they get the time to scour the web for things to post on their profiles.


Finding Friends on Twitter

When you are starting out on Twitter, it can seem like you are the new kid in a big school. You stand near the popular kids and laugh at their jokes. This really isn’t friendship. You need to be around like-minded people. When I was figuring  a couple of things out, I posted a couple […]