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The Top 7 Things Customers Want [Guest Post]

Customers can be your best advocates — or the worst detractors for your business. But what do our customers really want from customer service personnel at retail stores? A huge part of customer service is saying and doing the right things to make a customer feel heard, appreciated, and comfortable in your store, yet many […]


How Not To Look Inexperienced When Sending An Email

I thought I would shoot out a short little video today. The quick video talks about how to use the email teaser section in Mailchimp. This is the part of the email people see first in their inbox. Using good description, or a little bride,  may help your open rates. Watch the video below and […]


Start a Business for $100

Starting a business for $100 There is a lot of crap being sold on the internet to try and help you make money or claiming to make you rich overnight or start a business where you don’t need to put in any work. If you are one of the many many people who’ve been taken […]


Super Awesome Sale

For those of you who did not receive the newsletter I sent out this morning, here is a reprint of the section about the sale.   Okay, here’s the deal. There is a site called Only72.comthat offers a bundle deal on ebooks and courses and paid forums. I bought this package last year and was […]


Do business like a Jedi

Do or do not. There is no try – Yoda (Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back) If I have the choice between Star Trek and Star Wars, I am a Star Wars guy. If you have the same preference, you will likely recognize the quote from Yoda. The Jedi are a wise group if you listen […]


Traveling Freelancers Must-have Mobile Apps

If you are a traveling freelancer, you have different needs than a desk jockey. Contacts, expenses and mobile computing are all handled much differently. Mobile apps are making waves with travelers. Do more with less is the credo of any freelancer. Using multiple devices to perform similar tasks will get really old really quick when […]


Customer Service for Freelancers [Freelance Friday]

As freelancers,  we are in sales. Regardless of your field, you still need to find customers for your freelance business. To do that, you will not only need to be good at your craft, you will need to be able to sell yourself, your service or your product to the potential customer. Part of the […]


Don’t Assume [Freelance Friday]

Recently while meeting with a client about creating a pretty basic website, it dawned on me how nervous small business are about diving into technology. This owner still does everything on paper… no fax, no email, no smart phone. While talking to her, I kept getting the deer in headlights look. I went into the […]