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Use every moment

Not everyone use every moment they can to get work done while on the road. At this moment I’m literally on the road stuck in traffic. With Android in-hand, I’m using the voice input to write this post. This is the perfect time to write a post, makes calls, return emails.  Depending on if you’re […]


Android Battery Power Tips

As a mobile freelancer, your mobile devices are your lifeline to the world. But if you have no power in your battery, your Android device is nothing more than a paperweight. Even if you have an extra battery or three, you still want to get the most out of your Android battery life. Below are […]


How to print remotely when mobile [Cloud Printing]

One problem that plagues anyone working in a mobile environment is how to print remotely. Google has an option to help print documents. You need to have an Android phone and be logged into your Google account to print remotely. While cloud printing is limited to Google documents and spreadsheets, these are likely to be […]


Using Dropbox For Android

Here is an article I recently wrote for Make Tech Easier. The article is about 4 ways to make use of Dropbox for Android. If you aren’t a current Dropbox user, there are a multitude of ways you can use Dropbox from both your computer and your mobile device. It takes a little imagination or […]


Additional Security For Your Google Account

On the Google Online Security blog, they wrote about an added security measure for your Google account. It is a double verification feature. Many people live and die by their Google account. If your Gmail account got hacked or you weren’t able to access it, how much private information would you be cut off from? […]


Smart Phone Training [Poll]

Over the last year I have held a number of trainings. Most of them are pretty laid back, but it usually me spouting off information and then answering questions. While it is helpful, it isn’t “fun”. Not too long ago, I had a super awesome Android owner ask me if there was going to be […]


Reading Digital Books

Many people, myself included are reading many books in digital form. To do this, you need a reader device of some sort. Many have a Kindle, but more devices are available. Google, being the smart cookies they are, are now in the eBook business. They recently began Google eBookstore. It is a direct competitor to […]


Mobile Google Docs Editing Available

I have always wondered why the Android devices lacked total syncing with Google applications. I would have thought Blogger, Docs, Tasks and many other would have worked right out of the gate. Recently Google Docs was upgraded so it can be edited within a mobile browser. Right now there are only a few supported browsers. […]


Google Docs Gets an Upgrade [Google Docs]

Google Docs is a great free option for a freelancer or small business. Using Google Docs will save on initial costs when you are first starting up, as well as allowing you sharing and collaboration features not readily available with other office suites. Over the life of this site, you have probably noticed I like […]


Get Ready for the Mobile Web Revolution [Google Analytics]

If you haven’t noticed, I have been talking more about mobile web, mobile marketing and smart phones. This is because there is an inevitable fact looming. Everything is moving to the mobile web. This means you will need to start to track this segment of your web site traffic. The mobile web analytics are really […]