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Tablet or Netbook?

Is it just me, or does it seem like laptops are not being advertised anymore? It seems as though everyone is pushing tablets. In my opinion, tablets are great for tasks that are beyond the capabilities of your smart phone.

I think tablets are still limited when it comes to typing. I am not the fastest typist by any means, but when I am on a tablet typing is even more awkward. Aside from buying a keyboard for your tablet, there are features on Android powered devices that allow you to dictate your text input.

In most cases netbooks are still superior if you need to do actual work while mobile. Sure you may need an air card or Wi-Fi to connect to the internet on your netbook, but you will need the same with a tablet. You can always decide if tethering is an option.

I think until typing becomes easier on tablets, the netbook will have a leg up.


Which one do you prefer?


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