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Syncing Google Calendar To Your Blackberry

For many, their calendar rules their life. If an event isn’t on their schedule, it didn’t really happen. One of the handiest parts of having both a Blackberry and a Google account, is being able to automatically sync them.

The 2-way sync is wireless and automatic. After the initial set-up, there isn’t much you need to do other than add in appointments. The Google Sync app for your Blackberry will sync at regular intervals.

This means you can add appointments on either your handheld or online. The reminders and pop-ups you set when inputting the event information will be displayed on the device as a pop-up notification. If you have a Gmail browser add-on for Firefox, you will see a pop-up displayed on your computer screen as well.

If you live and die by what’s on your calendar, then take a minute to read on.

Get the app

From your Blackberry go to to download the application.

gcalsync - app

Follow the instructions to install Google Sync. You will probably need to grant it access or agree it is a trusted app towards the end of the installation.

Where is it?

Once you download it, you can access the application a few ways. If you are in either your contacts or your calendar, you can press the applications button (or as I call it, the Blackberry button).

Scroll to where is says Google Sync and click on it.

gcalsync - google sync

The other option takes you an extra few clicks. If you are using a Blackberry OS 5.0, the application will be in your download folder. If you are using an earlier OS, it will most likely be with the rest of your icons on your main page.

Here is what the icon should look like. It is the one to the far right.

gcalsync - dl folder

You can go directly to the application icon and open it.

Initially, you will need to sign in with your Google account information. If you go not have a Google account, you will need to set one up before you go any further.

Set up

When you are in the Google Sync application, you will see a screen with the information from your last sync. Since you are just setting it up, your screen will look a little different from what you see here.

You will want to press the Blackberry button to pull up the menu. In the menu you will see an options choice. Scroll to and click on it.

In the options screen, you will see a few boxes you can check or uncheck. As you can see, Google Sync also will sync your contacts with your Google Contacts. Make the selections for what you want to sync.

Once you have everything set to sync, you need to choose a calendar or calendars to sync. To do this you should scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see Sync these Calendars. Again, you will press the Blackberry button, then scroll to where it says Change Option and select it.

You will be presented with a list of your calendars. Choose from the list, one at a time, which calendars you want to sync with your phone. If you select multiple calendars, home and work for example, they will all sync with your Blackberry’s default calendar. Even though you may have multiple email addresses, and therefor multiple calendars on your Blackberry, Google Sync only works with one Blackberry calendar.

Initial sync

With the setup complete, you are ready to sync your calendars for the first time. When adding or taking away a calendar from the list, you are usually asked if you would like to sync. Select yes and let the app do what it is made to do.

If you want to sync manually at any time, go to the Sync app and select Sync Now from the menu.

How do you sync your calendar with your Blackberry now?

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