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Web Surveys Made Easy with Google Apps and Survey Monkey

Anyone who has a website knows how important feedback can be. If you have a method of collecting feedback or comments on your site you are one step ahead of many.

For those who don’t have a feedback channel, there are survey services. These services are also a fantastic way  to ask specific questions to a segmented group of your mailing list.

One of the most well known survey services is Survey Monkey. It is super easy to use, they have a limited free package. As luck would have it, you can have easy access to Survey Monkey via your Google apps account.

Get the add-on

The steps to install it are pretty self explanatory. Go to Google Apps Marketplace and search for survey or Survey Monkey.

Click Add it now

surveymonkey - install page

Agree to the terms of service.

surveymonkey - install

Enable the app

surveymonkey - enable

Where is it now?

On the settings page, you will see a link if you want to go directly to Survey Monkey. You can bookmark this link the same way you would for your site’s Google App email or calendar.

surveymonkey - service settings

The More option in your Google apps navigation bar will give you access to many of your other services. Here you can see a few I have linked to my account.

surveymonkey - gmail navigation

Sign in

The first time you start the add-on, you will need to either link your existing Survey Monkey account with your Google Apps account, or create a new account. If you need to create a new account, it is just a couple clicks and no typing.

surveymonkey - link accounts

Once linked, you will see something like this.

surveymonkey - main page

How it works

Creating a survey by way of your Google Apps is no different than normal. Once you enter the name of your survey, you are taken to a screen where you can edit the look and feel of the layout.

If you are using the free account, you have a limited number of question and modifications you can make.

surveymonkey - edit screen

After you have everything to your liking, click the Collect Responses tab. This will bring you to a screen with 3 different options to deliver your survey to your target audience.

surveymonkey - collect responses

I chose the option to create a link. Clicking the next button will take you to a page with links to email, embed or create something a little more custom.

surveymonkey - links

Send out a link to the survey in an email, on your Facebook Fan page, in a blog post or anywhere you think your target audience will best respond.

For more info, take the Survey Monkey tour.

What are your experiences with surveys?

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