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Super Awesome Sale

Only 72 Niche SaleFor those of you who did not receive the newsletter I sent out this morning, here is a reprint of the section about the sale.


Okay, here’s the deal. There is a site called Only72.comthat offers a bundle deal on ebooks and courses and paid forums. I bought this package last year and was super impressed for what I got for $97. What I got last year was:

  • lots of eBooks
  • online courses
  • business planners
  • more worksheets than you can shake a stick at

I am still going through some of the ebooks and courses! There is so much useful knowledge.

This year they are having a similar sale for Black Friday. They will have a package valued somewhere around $1000+ for the price of $97. There will also be a higher priced package for $497 (a $3000+ package value!). This package will include all of the stuff in the $97 package, but will add lots of additional content. They will be releasing more information sometime this week. I will be sending out another email soon with more details.

Click here to visit

I will likely be talking more about this package once I purchase it and start digging through it. The 2 links are affilliate links, so if you click the link and buy either package, I make a little bit from your purchase.



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