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Start a Business for $100

Starting a business for $100

There is a lot of crap being sold on the internet to try and help you make money or claiming to make you rich overnight or start a business where you don’t need to put in any work. If you are one of the many many people who’ve been taken by a site claiming to have the magic get rich formula, that sucks and know you aren’t the only one. To remedy that, there are sites out there like Only 72.

72 Hours

The Only 72 is a site offering super discounted courses, ebooks, recorded interviews and books all packaged together usually to help you start a business or better the one your current business. The value of these bought separately is usually about $1000 but sells for $100.  Pretty deep discount, huh? The catch is, they only offer it for 72 hours. Any-who, this year they are shipping a hardcover book to you (all the products in the past have been digital). The other ebooks and stuff is a download.

While you might think I am just trying to sell you on something to make a buck, this is a product I buy for myself. While the links here are affiliate links and if you sign up for the sale and buy it, I will get a cut of the sale price, this will be the 3rd sale bundle I’ve bought. There is so much info, I am still implementing some stuff from the firs bundle. (OK, I’m just slow and over think things.) The truth of it is, there is a lot of information in these bundles and it really gets you thinking and pumped up to do something with your dream.

The specifics of the sale haven’t been released yet, it should be in the next day or two but here are a few of the topics covered by the books and courses included in the sale:

  • Better Blogging
  • Passion-based Business
  • Freelancing
  • Confidence & Courage
  • Selling & Advertising
  • Technology & Systems
  • Artists & Writers

Do This Now

Here is what you need to do, is head over to the site and sign up. There is a sign up to be notified when the sale goes live. As of right now, there is about 5 days before the sale starts.

That is all, you may return to your day in cubicalville.

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