Automatically Organize Your Dropbox Files


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud-based storage and collaboration tools out there. Using Dropbox is the easy part; keeping things in order is the hard part. SortBox is a tool to help you keep the files in your Dropbox accessible and easy to find when you need them.

Music, images and documents are the most the most common files to store in your cloud storage. Coincidently, they are also the most difficult to manage for most people. Read on to find a way to easily manage any file type.

Getting started with SortBox

To start using SortBox, you will need to visit their site and login with your Dropbox credentials.


What will happen is, SortBox will create a new folder in your Dropbox. Anything placed within this folder sort according to the rules you will create in a minute.


The sorting rules

There are 3 different options to sort the files in your SortBox folder: Name pattern, extension type or if the name contains a certain word or words.


When using the rules, you can use what they call wildcards. Wildcards are additions to the names of the files to help you sort the files into the right folders even if the name doesn’t 100% match. If you use the asterisk [ * ], SortBox will pull in any file type matching the majority if the phrase. For example, say you were to have several pictures from a trip and each of them were a .jpg file and they all were from your backpacking trip to Europe. You could use a something like Backpacking-Europe*.jpg. This will pull in any .jpg files with the words Backpacking-Europe in it e.g. Backpacking-Europe-France-1.jpg.

The other rules work in a similar way. When you use the Extension sorting option and choose to sort all of the Excel spreadsheets into a folder, any file ending in .xls sort automatically into a folder with all of the other Excel files.

Automatic sorting

Another part of the sorting process is choosing a folder for the sorted. SortBox will use the rules you make up to sort all of your event pictures into a folder labeled with the event name no matter when you add the images. Simply upload the files to the folder SortBox created for you and SortBox will do the rest. Because your files get checked every 15 minutes your files will always be sorted and ready for you in the right spot.


Final thoughts

One of the most difficult parts of working with digital information is keeping everything organized and easy to find. SortBox is on a mission to help you take some of the effort out of keeping your Dropbox space organized.

Share some of your file organizing techniques in the comment section below.

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