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Get To Know Your Smart Phone [Smartphone Tip]

You can always learn something about how to use your smart phones. I thought I would pass along some good reading material from others instead of regurgitating it back into a post or two.

There are Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android links listed.

Do any of you use Nokia smart phones?

Syncing Android with Outlook

Sadly many of the business users are a slave to Outlook. Here is a good post on syncing your Android  phone to Outlook.

Blackberry Basics

I have been following and reading BBGeeks for some time. There are a lot of good information and good news updates. Joe also has a useful Twitter feed, @bbgeeks if you want to check it out.

Android tips and tricks

A site in progress, but still some good Android basics info.


AndGeeks is another Android site that is pretty new. If you couldn’t guess, it is a sister site to BBGeeks. It offers a lot of good info and a great Twitter feed to boot @andgeeks.


EverythingWM is a site with an active community discussing Everything Windows Mobile. There is a forum, store and lots of good reading. As you may be aware, Windows 7 mobile phones are new to the market. This is a good resource to keep up on the Windows 7 mobile buzz.

Do you have sites you go to for smart phone how-to tips or troubleshooting?

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