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Smart phone paradox

I thought this cartoon was pretty funny. It reminded me of how many people buy an all in one device not for what it can do to make your life easier, but as a status symbol.

It may take a little time to get to know your device.  However, when you learn a few things to save you time or learn about an application you never knew existed, you will have an ah-ha moment. Cracked .com

I help people everyday learn their devices. Many don’t use 5% of the phone. They can make calls, send a text, check their email and play Angry birds. There is so much these things can do. It is a waste of money for many people to have a smart phone.

Learning a just a couple new things about your phone can really change how you manage your day.

Using your Google Calendar more will help you be more organized at home and work. Having an app like Evernote can help you remember things more easily and keep everything in one spot. Using a Facebook app while you are out and about can save you from getting distracted when you are at your computer doing actual work…


Getting to know your smart phone is easier than you think. Pick one application at a time and get to know the basics of how to use it. Once you are comfortable with it and are in the habit of using that app, move on to another. Before you know it, you will have mastered all the preinstalled apps. Then move on to third party applications that will better fit how you use your device.

Here is a link to help you get started with some third party Android apps.


What is your biggest hurdle when you get a new smartphone?


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