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Unplug from your phone: A taste of smart phone etiquette

People are on their phone too much, myself included. I thought I’d talk a little about some situations where it is prolly a good plan to let your phone be for a while.

  • hiking (if you use the camera, put the phone in airplane mode)
  • meals with family or friends
  • while watching tv with other people
  • while you should be working
  • exercising (if you are not streaming music, use airplane mode)

What are the best ways to unplug for a while?

Total disconnect – Start with shutting your phone off. Sure there are reasons why we may NEED to be reachable. If you have a sick relative or something, you may not want to power your phone down.

Silence everything and leave it in the other room – Having your phone silenced will probably cause  the truly social to just sneak a quick look not and again. Once you get more accustomed to not having your phone in your hand all the time, you should have an easier time not feeling the need to check for messages every 5 seconds.

Ask for help – Give your phone to someone more responsible than you while you are eating dinner or watching TV. They may look at you a little funny the first couple times. Let me tell you what, if your significant other or a family member is riding you to stay off your phone while spending time with them, believe you me, they will be happy to oblige.

What will unplugging do for you?

Look around – There’s like, trees and sky and funny lookin people out there. If you have your nose buried in your phone all the time, how can you see this stuff.

Have face to face conversations – Actually talking is a waning form of communication. There is so much getting lost in digital conversations. Body language, tone of voice, nervous stuttering, the look they give you… All of these things are what makes up a conversation. A lot of people complained about conversations going down the shitter when the telephone came out back in the day. Those people would be rolling over in their graves if they saw how things are today.

Get more work done – By eliminating distractions while you should be working will help you focus on the task at hand. Emails are not meant to be urgent. The person on the other end has no idea when you will be reading your emails next. They will call if it is important. If they don’t reach you, they can leave a voicemail or send you a text message.

I am learning more and more I need to digitally disconnect for a bit each day. Reading a paperback book, people watch at the mall or an event, an activity like playing sports so you can’t check your phone for a while.

Do you disconnect for a bit each day? What do you do while you are smart phone free?


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