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How to Promote Your Business in 10 Minutes a Day

coffee break

How much extra time do you have? Probably very little you deem to be available or free. There is always something needing your attention.

How can an already thinly stretched sole proprietor find time for one more activity in their day?

The obvious answer is to make time somewhere in your schedule.

The reality to this answer is, your spare time is already scarce. By adding a new task to your day, you need to eliminate something. Right?

Here are a few ideas to incorporate Twitter into those scarce free moments.

Cell phone

Most people have a mobile phone of some kind. A growing number of people text (SMS) at least a little bit. This is a fast and easy way to sneak in an update while you are sitting in traffic or in an elevator.

Smart phones

If you have a device like a Blackberry or iPhone, the task is even easier. Many applications are available letting you do pretty much everything you can do from your computer. Look at Blackberry’s Appworld or the iTunes  App Store. Others like Palm, Windows Mobile and Android phones have apps to tweet as well.

Two applications I use for my Blackberry are Ubertwitter and Blackberry’s own Twitter app. Both have their pros and cons, but either one will do the trick for tweeting while out and about.

Mobile tweeting example

If you are on your way to an event, you can use a hashtag if it has something to do with a product or project you are working on. This will be a subtle reminder for the people who forgot about the event.

For those who cannot attend, they can search for the hashtag and follow along with the happenings of the event via the live twitter feed as people tweet from the event.

Go to and search for #ff or #followfriday. These are real—time updates for these hashtags. It is like a stock ticker of everyone’s opinion or view of what is going on having to do with that event.

While you drink your morning coffee

Use the time it takes do drink a cup of coffee to retweet other people’s messages. If you take 10 minutes to schedule some retweets using a service like CoTweet or Hootsuite, you will give the illusion of being more active than you are.

Using scheduled tweets allows you to load several in at one time and have them post throughout the day, week or even month. This is great if you want to repost an article you have written or a weekly announcement. Just set it up for the time and date you want it to post, and you are all set.

Scheduled tweet example

Recently, I started using scheduled tweets for Follow Fridays. I always forget to tell the world about the cool people I meet on Twitter. Follow Fridays are a great way to recommend someone. I can schedule a tweet on Tuesday with a person or two and a description and have it post on Friday.

These are just a couple of methods you can use to squeeze in time for social media. You don’t need to be on the sites every moment of every day, you just need to be consistent.

How do you fit Twitter into your already busy day?

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