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Small Business Tweeting

How can an already thinly stretched sole proprietor or freelancer find time for one more activity in their day?

The obvious answer is to make time somewhere in your schedule.

The reality to this answer is your spare time is already scarce. By adding a new task to your day, you may need to eliminate something.

Here are a couple ways to incorporate twitter into those scarce free moments.

Use your cell phone to text in an update

Most people have a mobile phone of some kind. The growing majority text at least a little bit. This is a fast and easy way to sneak in an update while you are sitting in traffic (like I am now).

While you drink your morning coffee

Use this time to retweet other people’s messages. If you take 10 minutes to schedule some retweets using a service like Hootsuite, you will give the illusion of being more active than you are.

When you are waiting

There are a lot of times when you can use your smart phone to tweet. I like to use Hootsuite on my Android phone because I can schedule a few tweets for later in the day. I also have access to my Facebook and Google+ accounts.

Here are are some places when you will have a minute to tweet a little:

  • in traffic
  • in the elevator
  • waiting for the train
  • in the cab
  • in the bathroom (please don’t mention this in your tweet ;-) )
  • waiting for an appointment
  • while you are on hold

Your tweets don’t always need to be the deepest thing anyone has ever read, you just need to participate. Twitter is¬†definitely a network where you need to participate. If you are gone too long, people may forget you and your message.

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