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Should a Freelancer Join the Chamber of Commerce? [Freelance Friday]

As a freelancer, you need to market yourself, but you also need to work to pay the bills. Depending on your area of expertise, you may get your fill of clients using social media and other web-based networking.

If you have a product or service that needs to marketed locally or face to face, the Chamber of Commerce in your area offers a lot of potential for local marketing at a very reasonable cost.

As a newcomer to the freelance game, you may have a hard time pitching your offerings to a complete stranger. It’s difficult for most people at first, I get that. I am in the same situation as many of you.

The beauty of the local Chamber of Commerce is you are building relationships through regular meetings. These meetings are not like the speed dating of business networking. You are not pressured to meet everyone the first time.

Start off slow. Meet one or two people and talk to them about what they do. They will usually talk for a bit then ask about you. This is a good time to have an elevator pitch.

Many people do not even know what your local Chamber of Commerce can offer.

  • One benifit to being a member is, people buy from friends and partners.
  • My local chamber has an email service that I can send ads through.
  • The Chamber is also a go-between you and the government
  • Chambers offer classes, workshops, and other educational opportunities, many times taught by a member, at a low cost to members.

It can’t hurt to check out what your local Chamber of Commerce has to offer. Make sure you aren’t just looking at what it will cost you. Look at what the gains to your business will be.

What are some of the low cost ways you get exposure for your freelance business?

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