Untethered Office Services

Many times small local businesses and freelancers have more specific needs than a larger organization. When you’re a one person team who wears the hat of owner, operator, accountant, sales, marketing, and many other departments  on a daily basis, you know your time is at a premium.

You don’t have time to think up the wording for a creative new flier or manage a customer newsletter.

When you decide you really should have more of a digital presence for your company or learn better ways to analyze the clients you’re already attracting, this is where Untethered Office can help.

The bulk of what we do is helping you, the small local business, save time while getting more done. You may want to reword your website for better local search engine results or use the large list of email addresses you’ve collected.

Many of the people and businesses I work with are a lot like you. You’re not really sure what’s out there to help you. You may not have had a website until recently or rely solely on word of mouth to generate new business leads.

The approach I like to take is getting to know how your business works, its needs and/or audience. You may not need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get a result that you need.  Many times simply tracking your efforts will help you see where your marketing is working and why.

I can help you hit the mark when you talk to your target audience through content for marketing, websites, blogs, and newsletters.

Small Business Content Marketing

  • Editing
  • Google Ad creation and management
  • Facebook and Twitter ad creation and management
  • Blog posts
  • Refresh your web page content
  • Email Marketing and Autoresponders
  • Optimizing your website for search engines (SEO)
  • Analytics (helping you track website visitors and newsletter conversions)
  • Website copy evaluation and recommendations


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