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SEO Know How for Freelance Writers [Guest Post]

Freelance writers have seen a growing trend as the Internet has become the norm in business and personal lives. SEO (search engine optimization) has become a necessity for sites you want to be competitive or at least attract visitors to their site. For many years, SEOs could get away with tactics that were primarily spam and had no need for qualified writers produced content. However, Google has been making it more difficult for these “black hat” SEOs and many are finding that they need to change-up their game in order to get their clients to rank. Content is once again king as you can read here, and freelance writers are finding themselves working for SEO companies more often than ever before.


A major part of SEO is building backlinks that point back to the client’s site. The Google web crawlers see these links as little badges of merit from the community that tells the Google algorithm that something worthwhile is on the site, which helps it to rank higher in search results.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the (usually) blue text that forms a hyperlink. The crawlers take note of what the anchor text is and what page the link is pointing to. Anchor text should always up with keywords on the page being linked to and for keywords the client is trying to rank for.


These are the words or phrases that a client will be wanting to rank for in the search engines. While anchor text should reflect keywords, so should the content you are writing. Both the client’s site, anchor text, and any content associated with the client (like guest posts) should all have the keywords spaced throughout it in a natural manner.

Keyword Density

While keywords are important so the crawlers can see the relevancy between everything, it shouldn’t be overdone. Google loves for things to look natural and cramming a post full of keywords looks as spammy as canned meat.

Oi! Don’cha Know ta Keep ‘er Simple?!

Google’s crawlers are becoming better by the day at “reading” text and knowing what natural sentence structure and language looks like. Using vernacular, jargon, misspelling, confusing sentence structure, and anything else that deviates from simple, straightforward wording can be confusing to the crawlers and will negatively impact link building strategies. Leave the creative writing to your own time.

Link Building

If you’ve been contracted to write content for SEO it will most likely either be for on site web content, or off site guest posting for a link building company. Link building is simply the process of actively obtaining back links for a client.

SEO Writing Basics

As a freelancing writer you are probably already familiar with writing blog posts – but if this is new for you take some time to go through popular blogs and see how they’re formatted. Use plenty of pictures, subheadings, and bullet points that make it easy for the reader to scan the post and find the most useful information. Use basic English with simple sentence structure to appease to the widest range of readers possible. If you’re writing guest posts, make sure that you’re comfortable writing on a wide range of subjects and hone up on your Google search skills so you can research topics efficiently. Guest posting has become a major strategy for SEOs, and capable writers are needed to provide great content to blogs in hopes of buildings backlinks.


Thomas McMahon is a writer living in Boise, Idaho. Currently he is writing for Page One Power, who provides relevancy first a relevancy first link building strategies and runs a SEO Blog full of free information about SEO and link building.

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