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A Quick Way to Select a Time Range in Google Analytics [Google Tip]

For those of you using Google Analytics, you know all to well how intimidating it can be to get started. There are so many options and reports. Like anything Google makes, it isn’t too bad once you learn a few tricks.

Here is a quick tip for you to select the a full month or a full week. Being able to select a smaller time range quickly will help you cut out some of the time you spend analyzing your site traffic and let you get back to making money.

When you are in the Google Analytics dashboard, click on the date range displayed.

In the drop down, you will see a couple months worth of calendar. Click on the month’s name. This will highlight the full month from the first to the last day (or current day if selecting the present month).

Make sure the date range is what you would like it to be, then click Apply.

The same thing can be done by clicking on the half circle to the left of the week. Click on the week you would like, then click Apply to set the change.

What tips do you have to make using Google Analytics less intimidating?

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