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Seesmic on Windows 7 Phones

I have not been a huge fan of Windows mobile operating system. Don’t get me wrong, you can do some really helpful things with it. However for many people it can be a bit more complicated than other mobile platforms.

That being said, I am intrigued  with the new Windows 7 phones. From what I have seen, they appear to be a bit more user-friendly and offer some unique options. Many of the popular applications makers are jumping on board to build a version for Windows 7 mobile devices. Seesmic is one of the many building a social mobile application.

From what I saw, it looks as though is integrates really well into the Windows Mobile environment letting you access both your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Upload pictures, links, search, geotag all from a customizable dashboard.

Seesmic dashboard

Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 lets you select  an array of 20 spaces, and swipe through the screens with ease. Trending Topics, Seesmic Directories  and even directly introduce a new Twitter Search quickly right from your dashboard.

Windows Phone 7 - Spaces

Posting to Multiple Accounts

View your main information stream, @ mentions, DMs and Lists you follow or are following you. Using multiple Twitter accounts, you can have all of the followers for you personal and business Twitter accounts right at the tip of your fingers.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, take a look at the full post on the Seesmic blog for all kinds of detail or to download Seesmic for Windows 7 mobile phones.

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