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See what was edited with Mergly

Do you collaborate on anything written? Even if it is something like a simple memo, you may not always catch minor changes. There is a cool little web application I came across the other day called Mergely. What Mergely does is take the text in box 1 and compares it to box 2. Pretty simple huh?

Here are some ideas on what kinds of things you might be able to use it on to detect changes.

  • Your submitted final draft vs. your edited article
  • Contract revisions
  • Technical instructions
  • Proposals
  • Transcriptions

If you are working with a client and you are writing information for their site or an ad, it may help you get a feel for how they want things worded if you can see what revisions they are making. The same goes for writers who have an editor. You can see what mistakes you made and be able to correct them in the future, thus making yourself a better writer.


Do you have any applications or tricks you use when you are writing? Leave a link and a description in the comments below.

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