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Reply Above the Quoted Email Text in Thunderbird

If you use Mozilla Thunderbird for your desktop email program, you know the default settings can leave a bit to be desired. One of them I really hate is having to manually scroll to the top of the email thread to paste in my signature and start typing.

This can be solved in a few easy steps. If you are managing more than one email account using Thunderbird, you will need to repeat these steps for each account.

1. From your main screen in Thunderbird, click on Tools in the top navigation bar.

2. In the tools menu, click on Account Settings.

3. Click on Composition and Addressing.

4. In Composition and Addressing, you will see a few drop downs.

Check the box saying “Automatically quote the original message when replying.” The drop down will light up. Choose Start my reply above the quote.

5. The other drop down will let you choose below my reply (above the quote)

6. Press OK to save

What other Thunderbird annoyances have you solved?

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