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Reading Digital Books

Many people, myself included are reading many books in digital form. To do this, you need a reader device of some sort. Many have a Kindle, but more devices are available.

Google, being the smart cookies they are, are now in the eBook business. They recently began Google eBookstore. It is a direct competitor to online retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Of course you can read the books on your Android, but you can also access them on other mobile devices like your Apple iPad. I am sure it will be expanded to more devices once it gains popularity, but right now it is not available on all mobile devices.


Price is always an issue when something different is introduced. You will be glad to know the prices are the same in most cases as you will find on Amazon and others.

Linchpin on Amazon

Linchpin on Google eBooks


The main reason I can say is, Google is putting all of the things you need in your digital life in a free and easy to access place. Many people are striving for a digital minimalist existence . Google is helping to make this a possibility one web/mobile app at a time. Having email, documents, pictures, mobile, text and voice messages and now books all in one place.

Google = simple

Here is the video from the Google blog talking about the Google eBookstore.

are you more likely to buy a book from Amazon or Google?

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