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Protection while charging in public

Here is something you may not have thought about.

Is there any harm that can come to your phone from using a public charging station?

Sadly, the answer is yes. More and more people are using devices like Androids and iPhones that do a lot, but also don’t have the battery capacity to last a full day. I didn’t even think of the possible problems and simple solution until I read Keep your Mobile Phone Safe at a Public Charging Station. After I read the article, I kind of had an ah-ha moment.

I realized how people still don’t see their smart phones as a computer that makes telephone calls. There is a certain amount of care that needs to be taken when you are downloading apps or files, plugging it into strange receptacle or other similar activities.

Here are a few other ways to keep your phone safe while traveling.

Buy an extra battery or two

I have an HTC Desire. I go through anywhere from 2-4 batteries a day. If you were to buy a battery at most cellphone stores, you are going to pay anywhere from 25 to 50 dollars each for them. What I did is bought 2 batteries and a charger on eBay. I have been using them for about 2 months and they work great. The best part is, I paid less than 20 dollars for everything.

Bring your own charger

This may seem pretty obvious, but a lot of people leave their charger at home. If you are one that always forgets your charger, buy a spare and keep it in your luggage or carry on bag.

Be more cautious of phone usage

There are some things you need to do while you are in-route to a destination. Try to avoid things like long conference calls and streaming video or audio. Even doing things like dimming your screen brightness, using the plug-in headset versus a bluetooth headset will make a difference in your battery life.

These are some tips to help you avoid needing to use a public charging station, but if you do have to use one, be safe.


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