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Articles published on Alien Gear Holsters blog. 5 Reasons You Should Practice Drawing Your Concealed Carry Weapon Winter VS. Summer Concealed Carrying – What You Should Know 4 Reasons Why Cleaning and Maintaining your Weapon is important Draw To Kill or Draw to Kill? Situational Awareness and Why it’s Important Should You Carry With One […]


Best Lawyer Themes for WordPress

If you’re a fresh-out-of-the-gates lawyer, chances are you’ll have to do some scrambling to start a practice. Then, after you get your brick and mortar business-front up, you’ve got the whole daunting task of getting yourself found online. The main part of that will be setting up an online presence that adequately represents who you […]

Finding Ideal Customers

Why are your Customers Coming to you?

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately trying to figure out a direction for the website and my business. I sat down with Evernote and jotted down some things that I see pretty frequently when I talk to new clients. One of the main things I’ve been seeing is people aren’t really sure where […]

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Keeping an Eye on Your Office [Guest Post]

Completely automated homes, at one time were only a possibility in futuristic movies (and more recently, a perk available only to those living the lifestyle of the rich and famous). However, these automated homes are now available to just about anyone who owns a smartphone. The same technology letting you control lights, temperature, computers and […]


Working in My Slippers: Reaping the Benefits of Work-at-Home Call Centers [Guest Post]

The “single income” family is sadly becoming something recognized only on classic television programs. Most households are forced to generate at least two streams of income just to make ends meet. This may mean that a single person needs to work two jobs. Or, in a marital relationship, both spouses must remain gainfully employed. A […]

Freelance Quick Tip January 28, 2013

“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.”   – Unknown Related articles Freelance Quick Tip December 3, 2012 How Freelancers Can Save Money Use Your Android to Help Grow Your Business