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Now Is The Time To Take Your Small Business Mobile

mobile-marketing-introOver the past five years, many small businesses are finally making the jump into the online marketing world by setting up a basic website. In today’s information-based economy, an online presence is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. The days of whipping out the phone book and flipping through the yellow pages for a car mechanic in the area are long gone. Now, consumers flip open the laptop and head to Google in order to find a car mechanic or any other local small business in the area. This trend of internet-based search has been well underway for the last decade, but now a new trend is just developing—mobile search.

Throughout the 2000’s, the race to gain an online presence was maddening. Every business magazine in the world focused on the importance of building a website, formulating online marketing campaigns, initiating social media campaigns, etc. But over the last two years, mobile activity has skyrocketed as an increasing number of consumers buy smartphones, such as Apple’s iPhone and Android’s Droid X. Just as setting up a website was so important a few years ago, now gaining a mobile presence is becoming just as important.

First, The Facts

Morgan Stanley estimates that by 2014, mobile internet usage will eclipse desktop internet usage for the first time. Furthermore, in 2011, over 50 percent of local searches were conducted from a mobile device. And, finally, 79% of smartphone owners use their phones to help with shopping. When people are looking for your small business, there is a greater chance they are going to buy than when they are at home searching. These are just a few statistics that support the notion that the internet is headed toward a mobile-dominated market. In the very near future, most internet searches will be on mobile devices, and most online purchases will be made through mobile devices.

The time is perfect to get serious about establishing a mobile presence for your small business. It’s still early enough that a small business owner can be ahead of the pack, but, at the same time, we are far enough along in the transition to mobile dominance that the market is big. Therefore, small business owners do not have to worry about setting up a mobile presence and having no one see it!

Steps To Take

There are two primary steps to take to get started:

  1. Optimize your website for mobile viewing.
  2. Set up a mobile merchant account

Optimizing your website can be very easy, depending on your current website. If you are running WordPress or a similar type of site, optimizing for mobile if oftentimes a part of the package and requires a minimal effort. Simply contact your web administrator. If your website does not have a strong mobile site as part of the package, it may be perfect timing to upgrade your website to a WordPress package or similar software and gain a powerful mobile presence.

Setting up your mobile merchant account for cell phone credit card processing will coincide with the website. Make sure that all of your product and service offerings can be easily purchased without hiccups from your mobile site. More advanced mobile marketing campaigns can be pursued in order to further capitalize on this new market.


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