Why New Companies Need SEO

By Maxx Minick

SEO is quickly becoming an integral part of marketing campaigns for medium to large sized businesses. SEO marketing should be the same for new companies as well. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a marketing tactic that revolves around Google’s ever-changing algorithm.

In short, SEO helps your company increase its rankings in search results, thus making it more visible to prospective customers, and ultimately increasing traffic.

When developing a startup or new company, you are going to be competing with companies who already have a solid foothold in your market. SEO can help give you an edge when breaking into your industry’s niche, along with following some well-proven marketing tips.


Every company wants their website visitors to buy their products, or utilize their services. They want their visitors to sign up for newsletters, or submit their contact information so you can nurture them and progress the potential leads through their sales funnel.

SEO will help drive these conversions.

Before anyone can buy your product or request more information, they need to be able to find your company’s website. How do potential customers find websites? By using search engines, of course; most likely, Google.

You are going to want to produce content, build links, and optimize keywords that work within Google’s algorithm to increase your ranking in search results. As a new company, these are the tasks that you should begin working on immediately. Remember, your competitors are already doing this.


You have to be able to offer your visitors something compelling that will make them want to click through to your website. This compelling offer isn’t always your product or service. The something special can be a blog, tutorial videos, or even FAQs. These can all be considered linkable assets.

New Companies Need SEO - Content

Have unique, high-quality content on your website discussing your products or services, giving insight into your industry, or even offer how-tos. These are the pages that are shared the most across the web. People sharing your content will bring visibility to your company, which is especially important for new businesses trying to gain a customer base in their market.


Building links is an excellent way to build your site’s authority. Think of a link as a vote of confidence in the eyes of Google. If other sites are linking to yours, Google is going to interpret your site as relevant to your niche. In this end, Google could move your site up in search results, as they want to create the best user experience.

New Companies Need SEO - Links

If you do take on a link building campaign, you need to do so deliberately and as organically as possible. Google keeps a watch on spammy links, and links that have no relevance to the URL’s they appear on. Ask yourself, “does it make sense for users if I have a link to my content on this site’s resource page?”

If the answer is yes, you are building natural, beneficial links that can drive traffic to your business’ website. Of course, if you don’t produce quality content on your site, it’s going to make it difficult to convince other site owners to link to your company’s content.


Keywords are going to be the words or search strings that potential customers use to find the products or services they desire. You want to think creatively and include specific keywords and phrases into everything from your title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and content. Be sure not to stuff keywords as Google can catch on to this fairly quickly.
New Companies Need SEO - Keywords
Think about user intent. What words do people type into search engines? Do people use different phrases or vernacular depending on their geographic location? Don’t forget to include your geographic location (city and state) as part of your keywords.

These are things to take into account when devising a keyword strategy. Your strategy should never be static, continue to revisit, tweak, and modify your keywords as your company grows and changes.

New Companies and SEO

Arguably the most difficult and most important part of starting a new business is gaining visibility. You need to be able to be found within the first few pages in search results to drive any conversion.

Utilizing SEO is a great first step to getting your business found and gain credibility with Google. It may take time and effort, but it has long-term benefits that will help your business grow and become profitable.

How does your new company handle SEO? 

Maxx Minick works for the relevancy first link building firm Page One Power. He graduated from the College of Idaho and currently lives in Boise. He specializes in content marketing, local marketing, and e-commerce SEO strategies. 

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