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Must-have Free Apps for Small Businesses Part 2

Last week I went over some free and low-cost applications for freelancers or small business owners just starting out or looking to lower costs. You can see some commonly used social medial tools, email and document options.

In this post I will show you some programs to track your time and expenses while you are both at your computer, and while you are mobile.

Tracking Expenses and Time


Freshbooks  is a useful program with many uses. If you are just starting out or only have a few clients you need to invoice, Freshbooks is free. You can email and snail mail invoices (you need to pay for stamps), track your time and expenses, display reports and create estimates.


Expensify is a web app aimed at making expense tracking an easier and more organized. The coolest feature, in my opinion, is the being able to take a picture of your receipt with your smart phone and uploading it to the site.

If you are a Freshbooks user, you can link your Expensify reports to your Freshbooks account. By using these two in tandem, you get the ease of receipt storage, a mobile app (Expensify) and a great low-cost invoicing option.

Quickbooks (Online)

Quickbooks is probably one, if not the most commonly used bookkeeping software today. While the web-based version has a few limitations, one great feature is the mobile application. You can access your account and information from your iPhone, Blackberry or Android. This makes adding expenses or deposits a breeze while you are out and about.

Mobile time tracking (Blackberry)


Exgis is a great solution for Blackberry users who are more project based. You can track your time, mileage, and other expenses quickly while you are mobile. Having lunch meeting with a client? Track your time, the cost of your meal and how much gas it took you to get there. Even if you aren’t billing the client directly for all of your expenses, you will be able to adjust your prices to reflect expenses like these in the future.


This is a VERY handy application for Blackberry users. I am looking hard for something similar for Android. You get the ability to track the time spent emailing and on the phone. You can also track expenses and time, all from one app. The most recent upgrade further integrates Momentem with the native Blackberry applications (Tasks and Calendar).

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