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Motivation and productivity tips

Quotes really have away of popping up at just the right time for me these days. Like this one.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today” ~ Karen Lamb

I was flipping through pages on the web and playing on Twitter when I was supposed to be researching an article. Like many part time freelancers, I am looking for more motivation to be free from a typical day job.

It seems however the more work I get, the less motivated I can be sometimes. I am sure part of it is being a bit overwhelmed at times, but who doesn’t get overwhelmed. One thing I have been using for motivation is quotes. Sure it may seem goofy to some, but if you find the right set of words, a quote can be a very motivating thing.

I’ve been trying more productivity techniques and as I mentioned previously in other articles, the best tools are a to-do list and a timer.

The to-do list can be a piece of paper or something fancier.Personally I use Google tasks. If I am at my computer, I usually have a Google app like Gmail or Google Calendar open so it’s pretty accessible there. When I am mobile, I use an application called Astrid Tasks. The reason I use Google Tasks is because it is simple and already part of something I use (Google Calendar, Gmail and Android ). I talked a little bit about this when I was making a minimal digital life.

As far as timers go, I have toyed around with a few different styles. A simple egg timer works great. I have been using tomighty lately. It is an app used for people who use the Pomodoro productivity method but can be adjusted for your preferred length of times.

What I have noticed, is that it is more about the time you set aside to focus on work than the method you use to time it. What I mean is, many people will work until their eyes are sore then take a break. If that works best for you, great! but for me, I need to work in short bursts of 20-40 minutes then I need a break.

If you toy around with different lengths of time, you can find your sweet spot and be much more productive. Finding this productivity sweet spot is extremely important when you are working sans office. If you know you can only focus on work for 40 minutes at a time, you can schedule meetings with 40 minutes of work time in between. Or get to your appointment or the airport early and do a little work.

How long do you usually work before you lose focus?


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