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Additional Security For Your Google Account

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On the Google Online Security blog, they wrote about an added security measure for your Google account. It is a double verification feature. Many people live and die by their Google account.

If your Gmail account got hacked or you weren’t able to access it, how much private information would you be cut off from? Having the added security everywhere you log into your Google account (even while mobile) will help calm your worries. 

The process will take a little bit of time to complete. What will happen is:

  1. You will be asked for a verification code. This code will come from a phone. If you have a smart phone, there is an application you will need to download.
  2. You will need to enter the code the application displays.
  3. You will be get several codes to be used as another backup option in case your phone isn’t available.
  4. You have the option to set up another phone number as another backup too. Keep in mind that if you are using a Google Voice number, you will not be able to access or receive calls from it when your account is locked down.
  5. After everything is all verified, you will create an application specific password. This is something you must do before you can access your email from any 3rd party application. This includes email apps like Thunderbird or Outlook, on your phone or any other application that needs to login to any part of your Google account.

I would set-aside a little bit of time for this process. You will need to add the new passwords to all of your applications that access your Google account. If you have several access points, this may take some time to do.

More at the Google Security

Are you worried about your Gmail account getting hacked? If so, what are you doing about it?

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  1. LadyBizBiz - You know how much I talk about security here's "Additional Security For Your Google Account" via #UntetheredOffice

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