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Mobile Marketing is the Future of Marketing [Mobile Marketing]

I have been reading a more than average amount of information about mobile marketing recently. The way I am seeing mobile marketing trends discussed on the web  is very similar to the way social media was talked about a year or two ago. Mobile compatible web sites and blogs, mobile ads, mobile apps and the like all drive people to your business.

Mobile marketing in some form is a must for the future of your marketing. If you are a freelancer, it may help you get more local clients. If you consult with small businesses, make sure to include SMS, location-based app and local mobile search marketing into your offerings. 

If you think about the reasons people are searching products and services while they are out, it is a no brainer why you should market to the mobile user. Think about it for a minute. If a potential customer is searching for a coffee shop, the odds of them buying a coffee soon are nearly 100%.

When a mobile customer is searching, they are in the buying mood. They are not usually researching a purchase 6 months down the road. They may be looking for a better price, see a product they are interested in, but need more information or want to read some reviews before they make the purchase.

Many apps, web pages, search engines and location-based services are tracking stats. There are is a large amount of information out there to prove the raise in mobile usage for immediate purchases. Many people are using their mobile devices as their sole connection to the digital world.

Here are a few articles I came across. Some are stats based and some are ideas to help you get in the local mobile marketing game.

Mobile users more interested in local

53% of Mobile Searches on Bing have a-Local Intent

5 Ways for Small Businesses to Get Into the Location Game

75% of Mobile YouTube Users Say Mobile is Their Primary Access

Higher Click through and Engagement

Does it make sense to get to get the hang of mobile marketing while it is still an option and not a necessity? I think yes.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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