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Mobile Google Docs Editing Available

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I have always wondered why the Android devices lacked total syncing with Google applications. I would have thought Blogger, Docs, Tasks and many other would have worked right out of the gate.

Recently Google Docs was upgraded so it can be edited within a mobile browser. Right now there are only a few supported browsers. Being able to update your work while on the go opens up a lot of opportunities to be untethered from your office.

Older versions of the Android operating system might work, but have very limited capabilities. My Android is running 2.1 and I can edit docs and spreadsheets. It seems to work well even though it is not a supported browser.

Here is a screen grab showing the supported browsers that allow editing. I tried it on my Blackberry and it would not allow editing.

The feature I like most is being able to use the voice input to voice to text. This is immensely useful if you want to dictate an email draft or even ideas for a blog post while you are driving.  The video below gives a demo of editing and using voice.

What do you think? Will this help you get out and about a little more?

[Google Mobile Blog]

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  1. Trevor Dobrygoski - Mobile Google Docs Editing Available

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