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Mobile emailing tips

One of the main reasons people are getting a smart phone is to keep up on their email. If the recent Blackberry outage is any indication, people can’t seem to function without mobile email for even a day.

Have you ever been shown how to use your mobile email? Most people haven’t been shown anything. They are forced to muddle through it and figure out the bare minimum that gets them by. Here are a few tips and programs for Android email users.

Gmail or Google apps

If you are a Google user, you know how well Gmail works with your Google device. It is automatically an IMAP connection, so you will be in sync no matter where you are.


Using templates can speed things up. The low tech way to make a template, is to create an email with all of the basic information you want it to include, then save it as a draft.You should be able to access this draft from your mobile device at anytime.

In the template you can have information like a signature, attached files or other general information you may need while you are mobile.

Email templates Android App

This email template application is big time saver for mobile emailing. It allows you to essentially compose an entire email and save it for later. Think of it as an advanced draft.

Some ways you may be able to use it are:

  • Sending an email to a group.
  • Having a cover letter pre-written with your resume attached when job hunting. (Great for freelancers.)
  • FAQ reply emails for customers.
  • Thank you emails after a new client meeting.
  • Email a welcome packet to new clients.

You get the idea.


I know I talk about folders a lot. That’s cuz I believe in them. With an IMAP email setup, you have access to them from all of your email apps. This makes it easier to stay organized and save yourself some time later on.

A pending folder is ideal for mobile emailing. If there is something you need to tackle later, toss it in your pending folder to deal with when you are back in the office.

Reply right away

There are people I know who use their smart phone as a read-only device. These are the same people who complain that they can’t get a handle on their email. By emailing a reply later, you are creating more work for yourself by essentially doing everything twice.

Replying right from your phone will do a couple of things. You will only be dealing with the email once and you will typically keep the email short and to the point.

Short and sweet

Keeping your emails short and sweet will make mobile emailing much more tolerable. People can type fast on their desktop keyboards, so they tend to ramble on a bit. If you are replying from your tiny phone keyboard, you are likely to just talk about what’s important.

Final thoughts

I email a lot from my Android phone, I mean a lot. It took a while to come up with some tried and true methods for being efficient. After I figured out a few of these tips, mobile emailing got MUCH better.

What are your mobile emailing tips?

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