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Which Mobile Device do you use?

what mobile OS do you use?

image credit: Johan Larsson

I was thinking about it earlier today. There has been a big shift over the past couple years.

It used to be if you had a Blackberry you were somebody important. Now there are a lot of choices for those of you who conduct business while on the go.

Then the iPhone burst onto the scene. The ease of use, newness and it being a great product from Apple made it a HUGE hit with the general public. The later operating system (OS) upgrade made it possible to sync with a Microsoft Exchange server. This made it popular in the business world as well.

Now you have the Android devices sweeping the world of smart phones. These devices using the Google Android operating system are neither limited by the handset nor the OS. Being that it is a pretty open source OS, there are all kinds of applications coming out that can personalize almost every aspect of the OS.

Not to leave out Windows Mobile, the 6.5 version of their mobile OS is a big improvement. I am very interested to see what they have in-store for the Windows 7 Devices. I have heard tales of some really cool features linking it to many other products like your Xbox.

That being said, What is your smart phone or mobile OS of choice? Leave your favorite in the comments below.

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