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5 Time Saving Mobile Apps for Small Business Owners

When you are starting out as a freelancer or starting a small business, you are VERY cost conscious. Here are some low cost mobile applications to help you make full use of those wireless data plans you pay for every month and save time.

Some of the apps listed below work in conjunction to applications I talked about in previous articles. Here are links to part 1 and part 2 of the posts talking about free and low-cost apps for small businesses.


If you are out of the office making sales and meeting clients, you will sometimes need to secure payment right then and there. Square offers an excellent option for these situations. They will give you a credit card reader that plugs into either your Android or iPhone for free. This will save time by letting you run their card right on the spot.¬† There are no contracts and they don’t charge you an arm and a leg for processing fees either.


If you are using Freshbooks, there are apps for your smart phone to use to update invoices and track your time. Bookkeeperapp is one example for a Blackberry. Bookkeeper  allows you to invoice, add hours worked, view and send invoices and much more. This is great if you need to be on the road. You can update and send invoices while you are waiting for an appointment or eating lunch.


I can’t say enough good stuff about Momentem for Blackberry. It allows everything you need to track your time and expenses while mobile. They have been working hard to really integrate with native apps like tasks, calendar and your address book. (Highly recommend!)

Google Latitude

Do you have a small business with and employee or two on the road? Google Latitude will let you use the GPS in their smart phone to keep an eye on where they are. It is like having fleet tracking, but free.


Gist is an application that lets you utilize your Gmail account for more than just email. It turns your inbox into a networking machine. Extend its power by accessing it either on your Android or iPhone.

What are some applications you use?

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