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Hustle Your Way To More Freelance Work

freelance-in-the-parkPeople tend to think hustling is a bad thing.  Hustling got a bad connotation by people calling themselves street hustlers or when people go to a pool hall and get hustled.  When in actuality what a hustler does isn’t a bad thing.  Their actions are a good description of what hustling means.  Hustling takes every possible opportunity to make money in the way you know how.

Being a freelancer is choosing the life of a hustler.  As a freelancer you hustle because you’re always looking for the next opportunity to make money.  When you are freelance writer for example, you’re always looking for the next story you can write or the next writing gig.  You can come up with several ideas and make a few hundred dollars while other times you may hit a dry spell and need to get creative to find your next meal ticket.  What I will talk about today is a few reminders on how to keep your hustle as a freelancer going.

Make a call or send an email

Having constant work as a freelancer means constantly marketing yourself.  When you stop letting people know you’re out there, that’s when you start to see the flow of business decrease.  Lots of people talk about networking as a great way to meet people. One thing a lot of sites don’t necessarily talk about is keeping in touch.  It doesn’t mean you have to call them up every week and say hey or email them and solicit business all the time.  It just means you need to keep in contact with them.  It’s not a bad thing to build a more personal relationship with some of your clients.

Sending them a quick short email wishing them happy birthday or if you know they’re going on vacation ask them about how their trip was little while after they get back.  It’s a great way to keep in contact, and it shows that you’re actually interested in them as a person vs. a money source. Remember, people buy from people they like.

 Work super hard

Two words people don’t always like to hear are WORK HARD.  It’s not an easy solution to most problems but it is a solution that works.  All of these so-called overnight successes talk about how they had years and years and years of trial and error and working their asses off to get where they are.  Many of them risked everything to get where they are at.  This is why it’s so important to find something that you really, really, really love to do. Because if you don’t, you may have lots of drive in the beginning but when the going gets tough you’ll just quit.

I’m sure you’ve been doing something that you really love and all of a sudden realize it hours later.  This is the kind of thing you want to look for and turn into a career. The hours and hours and hours of doing something you dislike will make it seem more like a job instead of getting paid for you’re doing something you would be doing anyway.  A lot of people use the word passion and it’s hard for some people to relate to. People don’t necessarily like what they do for a living.  But when you do something that you love day in and day out, the effort makes all the hard work worth it.

Stick with what makes you work fast

As a freelancer, there are a lot of tools available to make you more efficient. The problem is, it can take valuable time to learn these new processes as well as figure out way to integrate the new technology or “method” put into your other routines.  In my previous career, I was always looking for a way to do something faster or make the job easier but one thing I lacked was consistency or a method to complete similar projects.  A lot of the speed and what you do comes from repetition.  This fact took me quite a while to learn first hand.  Routines are so beneficial because they can increase your output.  Even though part of the reason you may have started your own business or became freelancer is have  freedom or more free time, having a routine is actually a great way to accomplish that.

A routine doesn’t necessarily mean you wake up at seven o’clock you start work at 8 o’clock . The day begins with work on project A then when time is up you begin project B.  What I mean is get in the habit of completing your projects a specific way.  For example, if you are a writer get in the habit of creating a title, then creating an outline for your article , then filling in the blanks to complete the article.  If you creates websites for businesses, you can have a set process such as install WordPress, install the theme, install the basic plug-ins and configure them, write the about page… By having a process like this, you’ll be able to look at a project and pick up right where you left off.  You won’t have to look at notes to see what you have done and see what you need to complete.  By having a process like this it easier for your to jump on a project and work on it extremely hard for 30 minutes when you have the time.


For some of your tips for hustling your way to more freelance work?


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